Gaiatimur® Batik specializes in crafting and giving uniqueness to its customers with its wide range of exclusive unique crafted batik designs and products.

We aim  to introduce to the world the ‘Malaysian Batik’ as a whole reflecting the Malaysia diversity through our finest crafted batik designs.  

We manufacture and supply exclusive batik for those individuals who wants to look unique in their own way. Currently, We produce 100% of our kaftan products and almost 50% of our batik fabrics in our factory in the East Coast. Browse our finest collection today and be unique now.
Feel free to contact us at purebatik@gmail.com for any inquiries.
Gaiatimur  is a registered trademark owned by Gaya Timur Trading since 2011. Were  known as Purebatik  before and have been in the online market since 2009. Currently we are in a midst of transforming into a corporate organization in order to provide our customers the best service and products there is to offer.
Business Opportunity
We are now expanding and looking for inviduals/groups to be our partners. For those interested can email to support@gaiatimur.com with the title: Batik Partnership