How to Order

Call Directly for Express Order – 016-4436716 (10am- 7pm Only)

Step 1:
Complete the
Step 2:
Wait for our reply via email or SMS the status of the item and the INVOICE (Within 24 Hours)
Step 3:
After receiving the invoice, please bank in or transfer the payment to our  account below within 24 hours. If there is no reply from you, your order shall be released without any further notice.
Please refer here for more details.
Make payments through the following banks Only:


CIMB – 7048797969 – Mohd Hazman bin Hassan

Bank Islam – 02057010030244 – Gaya Timur Trading

PayPal email –

Step 4:
After making payment, please inform us of your payment details by email or sms.
To avoid fraud by some irresponsible people, please attach all the payment details ie; from which bank, reference number, time and amount of the money transferred after you have transferred or banked in the money. Fail to do so, your item(s) will not be posted.

** Once payment is made, items will be sent out within 3 working days, **
**You will be notified via SMS / e-mail confirming receipt of payment**

Please read and understand the terms and conditions before making a purchase.
For further information and assistance, you can email or sms us.

h / p: 016-4456716 / 016-4436716